Monday, 25 November 2013

JU: LCCC at the Loo!

What a day! LCCC joined UTCCC, MCCC, and QCCC as we all ventured to the land of Waterwaterwaterloolooloo for another great JU Local Visit. 

For those who don't know, JU (Joint University) Local Visit is a time for the CCCs of Ontario to gather at a host university for a day-long program of fun activities, faith sharing, speaker talks, and Singspiration. Every year is unique in its own way as the CCCs rotate venues, giving CCCs a chance to visit various campuses in Ontario. Waterloo CCC was up for the task, as they were fantastic hosts on a beautiful, sunny day.

LCCC started the day bright and early (or perhaps dark and early might make more sense)—they had to catch a 6:45AM Greyhound to Kitchener! The 8 members (a new high for us, yay!) arrived at the bus terminal via taxi, bleary eyed and sleepy. Thankfully, most of us were able to fall asleep on the bus :) When we arrived at Kitchener, we were graciously picked up by our friends at QCCC, who drove us to Waterloo campus. [Thanks QCCC :)]

Local Visit started with a couple icebreakers from UTCCC, who had developed a solid reputation for icebreaking at JU Retreat 2013 (they'd brought in foam noodle things to help us whack each other!). They didn't disappoint, as laughter and shouting filled the room.
Alana having her ice broken... by her cousin -.- (defeats the purpose of the game!!!)
Two LCCCers breaking their ice with each other... (DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF THE GAME!!!)
That's more like it.... WAIT NO I SEE TWO LCCCers TOGETHER!!! (AHHHH!!!!)
Next up was Waterloo, who gave us a detailed and adventurous campus tour, taking us from one building to the next. No offence, but we all personally think Western's campus is a lot nicer ;)
Team Tu-Tu ...
Lunch followed the campus tour, which was perfect since this blogger was pooped and hungry after the lengthy walk. Platters of subs from SubwayEATFRESH were ordered in. After lunch was an activity led by QCCC. We were divided up into four teams as we played Family Feud, with a twist! We attempted to solve questions about things like the most common names in the Bible and what Noah would have been described as. Team Tu-Tu won by a landslide, so now we should all memorize the faces in the above photo and shun them forever. Kidding, I'm just a sore loser.

A talk by our speaker, Fr. O'Mahony, followed. He gave an enlightening talk about the little things about Pope Francis that a lot of us didn't know. The next time you check your phone, it could be a call from Pope Francis himself! MCCC followed up with a great faith sharing activity, using a passage from the book The Imitation of Christ. We were all invited to participate in an Examen, basically a time to visit with Christ in a personal reflection and meditation. 

Finally, it was LCCC's turn to show their stuff! With the help of LCCC alumna Viatrix and honourary member Chris, we sang our hearts out for our Lord as we led Singspiration. With hearts of worship, we sang of ten thousand reasons to crown Him, the beautiful one; why He is mighty to save; and why we should exalt him with songs of hosanna. (BAM!) 

The day ended with—what else?—mass at St. Michael's Parish, just a few minutes away. Fr. O'Mahony celebrated the mass, a fitting way to end Local Visit 2013. LCCC was driven back to the Kitchener St. Charles bus terminal by QCCC again (obrigado!), and we boarded our 7:15 PM Greyhound back to London. We got back around 9 PM and then had dinner at Prince Albert's Diner to conclude the long (but fun) day :)

LCCC @ JU Local Visit! (minus Ms. Janet Tsoi, who was in the washroom :( )
JU Local Visit was a total blast, so hope you're all hyped for JU Retreat coming up in February! That's going to be an unforgettable weekend :) 

Photo credits for this blog post also go to QCCC's Colin Cheng and Terence Wong. :)

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