Monday, 2 December 2013

An LCCC Christmas

Our annual LCCC Christmas socials are always loads of fun, and this year, the tradition continued. At 5 PM, LCCCers trickled into Jason's apartment for what would be a night filled with food, fun, and fgames (trying for alliteration there).
This was the most decor Jason's apartment had ever had. Ever.

The execs prepared the main dishes for the potluck, with food ranging from lasagna and fried udon to salad and Jason's exquisite, hard-to-prepare white rice. General members chipped in by bringing drinks and cookies. To top it off, we ordered in some barbecue chicken!

Halfway through dinner, we were joined by special guests Sherman and Belle, the latter of which is from QCCC! LCCC was extremely honoured that Belle chose to come to LCCC's Christmas Social instead of QCCC's ;) It was a cozy scene, with guests arriving fashionably late, lights decorating the otherwise bland apartment, and a faux fireplace set up on Jason's monitor.

After dinner, the group sat down to have some present-filled fun! Led by Alana, we played an intense game of unwrapping presents as quickly as we could while wearing gloves and a Santa hat. The goal of the game was to unwrap the many layers while the other players rolled dice to try and get a specific combination, in order to get their own chance at tearing apart the layers. The presents ended up being hand cream, used Catholic playing cards, Sorry! Revenge, cute reindeer slippers, and a brand new Airzooka! Shouts and laughter filled the apartment as players attacked the wrapping paper with teeth and ferocity (and consequently kept Jason's roommate from giving in to itis).

We also played another game, dubbed the "Windsor CCC Game", which is a combination of Taboo, Charades, and describing something with one word. The group was split into two teams and they competed against each other in a test of memory and describing. In the end, Team Sherman beat out Team Belle 61-53.

The night was capped off by a visit to London's Lighting of the Lights Festival. The group wasn't able to make countdown, but the lit trees were still beautiful and colourful as always.

[Insert Light of Lights pictures here if Sherman ever decides to upload them.]

The night could not have been more perfect. Visitors, fireplaces, presents, food, games, snow. We're all looking forward to our next party at Chinese New Year (when we expect alumna Viatrix and honourary LCCC member Chris)! Good luck with exams, and Merry Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas from LCCC!

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