Tuesday, 12 November 2013

LCCC: On Prayer and Singing!

      After an extended three week holiday, LCCC finally met once again for our weekly general meeting. The meeting offered members the opportunity to take a much-needed break from the constant flow of midterms and assignments. This week’s theme was “How to Pray” and emphasized the process of communicating with God. All of us shared our thoughts on prayer. Before we began our set of activities, we once again asked members to share their weekly happenings with the rest of the group. Certain weekly highlights mentioned include: An unfortunate bump on the head from a falling parking gate, an eventful dart-throwing excursion, and a memorable trip to see a significant other in Kingston.
To set our members into the mood, Gary and Cheryl created their very own LCCC Vending Machine, with a wide selection of goodies ranging from chips to various Asian snacks. Later, members were offered one item they wished to have from the machine. However, many were surprised to find that the listed item they selected did not always correspond to the one dispensed from the machine. To explain, one request for an eraser actually resulted in the dispensing of pencils, but another request for an Asian snack actually led to an Asian snack.

Confused, members were told that the activity was created to compare vending purchases and prayer. It is often known that when people ask for things from God, they may not always receive what they ask for. Thus, this same concept was demonstrated in the form of unpredictable vending purchases.

A stimulating discussion followed as members shared their insights on what prayer means to them. Certain ideas that were shared include: Prayer as a means that find a significant other, to lose a significant other, to thank God for sandals and to thank God for the nature that surrounds us.
To wrap up the meeting, LCCC had its first Singspiration, to the delight of its members. As St. Augustine said, “He who sings prays twice”. Classics were sung, including Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord, Mighty to Save, and Amazing Love (You are my King). Each member’s beautiful singing voice was showcased and a few even harmonized with the others throughout parts of the songs. The “Prodigal Son” story from the Gospel of St. Luke was then read and was used as a leeway in between the songs. And that’s a wrap J

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