Saturday, 14 September 2013

LCCC Pre-Year Social

On Friday the 13th, for the first time ever, LCCC gathered before Clubs Week to have some fun before we were all simultaneously attacked by homework and notes and textbook readings and exams and whatnot. What started out as a LCCC 2012-13 reunion quickly turned into a newcomers' gathering anyway, as almost half our number consisted of visitors from outside London and first-time LCCCers.

The evening began at Jason's apartment, our new off-campus gathering venue that will quickly become familiar to this year's LCCC members. The off-campus venue used to be within walking distance from campus, but then Viatrix decided to grow up and graduate, so it's her fault that everyone has to take the bus now.

Anyway, the plan was to have the members help with our new presentation board for Clubs' Week, but we ended up being distracted by funstuffs like socializing and air-shooting bazookas.

Attempting to put together our board...
... nah, let's shoot each other instead.

Our big event for the night was at Fleetway, where all current/old/honourary LCCC members were promptly owned in bowling by our newest frosh, Chris.
Current LCCC members were redeemed when Cheryl, or "Mama Chan", bowled a nifty 116 in the next game. Phew. 
It was an especially fun night, as we were not only joined by familiar visitors from Waterloo, Guelph, and UTM (CCCs are ERRYWHERE), but we also had two completely new members of LCCC, Nicholas and bowling sensation Chris. Nothing makes us more excited than having new members. Hope that wasn't creepy.

If nothing else, the night is sure to be a glimpse into the 2013-14 year for LCCC... lots is in store, and Clubs Week hasn't even arrived yet.

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