Monday, 26 August 2013

LCCC Summer Social 2013: We are JUMPing in the light of God...

It was mid-August, which meant a couple things:

  • School was only two weeks away
  • Only two weeks of summer were left 
  • Everyone in the GTA was confused why the weather was below 20ºC
Like a boss

dat flick doe

The day started off with a trip to the lovely Erindale Park in Gary's hometown, Mississauga. Frisbees were tossed and board games were played as LCCC enjoyed a day of beautiful weather! The marquee board game of the day was Things In A Box, where we all discovered that certain LCCC members don't like sharing their Holy Communion >:(  

(Okay, maybe all of us.) 

Our merry party of eleven then headed to mass at [name of parish has been deleted to preserve said parish's reputation because {you'll find out in 5 seconds}]. To all the mass-goers out there - have you ever been to a mass where:
       a) There's no music?
       b) It ends in 40 minutes because of a)?
If your answer to the above question is "no", then jump in a time machine and go to the mass we attended, BECAUSE IT WAS THE LEAST MUSICAL AND SHORTEST MASS THAT MOST IF NOT ALL OF US HAVE EVER BEEN TO! 

Granted, I'm sure the choir had some reason for not being present, but some of us were seriously considering breaking out into an acapella "Receive the Power" for communion. 

Anyway, after mass, we all headed to the main event of the day - SkyZone Trampoline Park! Despite having an extra 20 minutes to work with because mass ended so early, we somehow managed to be late anyway, mostly because we made a pitstop at Micky D's and Nofrills to stock up on water. Luckily the staff were feeling generous and gave us an extra 10 minutes. We chucked dodgeballs at each other (accidentally hitting innocent little kids in the face... hehe...) and performed Olympic-worthy flips (into the foam pit, anyway). 

The day concluded with dinner at Bayview Garden Chinese Cuisine, an hour of karaoke, and... a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR GARY! , whose birthday had passed a week before. 

sang yut fai lok ah~!~!~!~111

It was a superb day for LCCCers who had been missing each other's company for three and a half months. We look forward to seeing you this upcoming year as we continue to celebrate our faith as a Chinese Catholic Community in Western - but first.... GT in a few days! God Bless!

P.S. Thank you to our wonderful chauffeurs for the day, alumnus Viatrix and honourary guest/accompanier-of-alumnus-Viatrix, Chris (: 
P.P.S. Another thank you to our other honourary guests, Ms. Lam from UTM and Mr. Tam from McMaster. We hope you had a good time!

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