Sunday, 16 March 2014

LCCC: Saints + GT Committee Visit

Friday March 15th was a busy night. Half of the members either had an exam during the cell, or an exam the next morning—we hope St. Aloysius Gonzaga was able to help and guide you during your exams! Who is this saint you might ask? We learned about different saints in this cell meeting, with each exec presenting one of their favourite saints.

Gary spoke about St. Aloysius

  • Patron saint of young students
  • Aids patients
  • Plague Victims
  • Caregivers

So if you need help in your exams, or struggling with your studies as a young student, he's a saint for you!

Seline spoke about St. Kateri Tekawkwitha
  • First Native American Saint
  • Survived smallpox 
  • Canonized on October 21, 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI
  • Had many Reputable Miracles
    • 2006 – Jake Finkbonner
    • Click HERE for a beautiful story of how St. Kateri Tekakwitha was able to heal this little boy 
Jason spoke about St. Matthew
(well... Alana spoke on behalf of him because he was writing an exam during the cell)

  • One of the four Gospel Writers (although he is not the first Gospel writer, which was Mark)
  • Matthew wrote as a learned Jew, for an audience of learned Jews
  • Was a tax collector before becoming an apostle
If you are studying accounting, he's a saint for you!

Alana spoke about St. Therese of Lisieux
  • Therese experienced 2 major losses in her childhood (her mother's death, and her sister going to the convent) which caused her to be very sensitive
  • Christmas Day 1886 – her "full conversion"
  • Known for Simplicity, Spiritual Childhood and her "Little Ways"

Annette spoke about St. Maria Goretti
  • One afternoon in 1902, her teenaged neighbour Alessandro attempted to rape her. She refused to submit and he stabbed her repeatedly
  • Before her death, she expressed forgiveness towards Alessandro
  • While Alessandro was in prison, he dreamed of Maria handing him lilies which went aflame in the palm of his hands
  • After being released from imprisonment, he sought the forgiveness of Maria's mother. She forgave him and they went to mass together the next day

After our cell meeting, 3 lovely ladies representing the Eastern Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp Committee drove from Toronto to talk to us about this annual retreat that happens on Labour Day Weekend. For more information about this retreat, please check out this link. Many LCCC members have gone before, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask any one of us :)

We went for dinner at Congee Chan (having fish congee and vegetarian fried rice and seafood yummm) and then we played some games at 168 Tea Shop. We played One Night, which is similar to the game Mafia, which was a lot of fun—it involved Alana lying and tricking Jason into thinking he'd won!

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